• Is shopping for clothes your idea of a nightmare?
  • Are you fed up with having nothing to wear despite your full warbrobe?
  • Would you like to save money and time when you buy clothes?

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Be inspired to feel wonderful every day!

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dark hair lady wiith a green dressStylish dark hair ladyman in lilac shirt and tietidy wardrobe

   Unleash your              Dare to be                    Work your       Let your wardrobe
   colourful side           who you want                   allure                 work for you



Edith AdamJe m'appelle Edith Adam. Merci de votre visite. Are you ready to put some French fancy in your life?

This is nothing to do with salad dressing. You have to admit that salad on its own can be a bit boring, add a splash of vinaigrette to dress it and it will takes your taste buds by storm!

I am here to put some zing in your wardrobe and make you feel wonderful.  If you want to hear it from a native, you have chosen the right place!

After training with leading image consultancy Colour Me Beautiful, I opened the doors of French Dressing to help people of all ages, gender and background to show them how to overcome their challenges and enhance their best assets to make them feel special and grow their confidence. I have advised hundreds of clients: everybody is unique in shape, size, colouring and personality. Discover your very own uniqueness and let's have an inspiring time together.

Don't worry about the lingo: speaking and understanding french is not required. You'll love hearing the accent!

My studio is based in Carnoustie-Sur-Mer on the East of Scotland. I will travel to your home if you prefer.

Do you have a query? I am ready to help you. Contact me today!

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you very soon. Bonne visite et à bientôt!



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'Thanks for sending the links to Confidence, it's really useful. I just wanted to let you know that I made a decision this year to not spend any money on clothes, and this, together with your guidance has meant that I'm putting together outfits I wouldn't have previously worn, thinking very carefully about the colours and wearing clothes with much more confidence that I did before my consultation with you. So many, many thanks.'

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