Wardrobe Wellbeing


Clothes filling up your wardrobe and you can’t see what you have anymore?
Too many wardrobes, and too little time to get to grips with them all?
Hoarding clothes you just can’t get rid of in case you need them again?
Taking too long to to find your clothes in the morning?
Book a real detox session to embrace the new you and save loads of time!

tidy wardrobeUnlock the secrets of your wardrobes, cupboards, drawers and, wherever you store clothes, shoes and accessories.

Make it all work so that you get dressed with a smile, not a frown.  
£30/hour, minimum 2 hours to be booked (+ mileage)


'It took me a while to find the perfect suit for work. Had to look at the detail to make sure it was right for me, both colour and style. But the day I wore it I got an outright compliment from my boss. He is a man, and men don’t usually notice this, do they! So I was really pleased!'

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