Le Shopping


ladies in clothes shop

Feeling a little confused in the shops?
In need of a helping hand to choose your perfect outfit or refresh your wardrobe?
Dislike shopping on your own?
Let’s go shopping together where I will pick clothes from the shops and put them aside, then take you round with me for the essential visit to the dressing room.  
Or give me your requirements for that special occasion outfit or to update the contents of your wardrobe.  
Whatever the option, you will be wearing carefully selected garments that are sure to get you compliments and feel unique.
£35/hour, minimum 2 hours to be booked (+mileage)


'It took me a while to find the perfect suit for work. Had to look at the detail to make sure it was right for me, both colour and style. But the day I wore it I got an outright compliment from my boss. He is a man, and men don’t usually notice this, do they! So I was really pleased!'

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