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Be inspired and unleash your colouful side!

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Looking good is fine, looking great is better! Feeling fantastic is a must!

Want to look younger and healthier?  Discover what’s hot and what’s not for you! Save money and time and feel wonderful. 

A colour clever session will last you many years - until your hair colour and/or skin tone changes. See it as an investment in yourself and in your future.

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What you get:

  • Precious 'me-time' with a personal colour analysis - Only you, nobody else, unless you choose to come with a friend.colour swatch
  • In-depth assessment of your dominant colouring with your two other colour characteristics.
  • Demo of the colours that suit you and how to wear them to the best effect for you. 
  • Your wallet of 42 colours swatches to help you make colourful clothes choices.
  • A review after 3 months to make sure you have mastered the concept and to answer your questions.

2 hrs session + 1 hr review: £150

Contact Edith today to book and become clever with your colours!


 Cannot afford it but would love to have it? Other options exist, including payment by instalments. Contact Edith to discuss.


Link to Style Sensation  What's next? A Style Sensation session to fall in love with your body all over again and dress it to reflect who you are!
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 Combine Colour with Style Sensation at once and save money in the process! Find out more here.




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Share the experience with your friends and have a workshop instead! Laughter guaranteed and you may even acquire new-to-you clothes!

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clothes on rail Do you know about Wardrobe Wellbeing and Le Shopping services?

Ideal to start afresh and get your look together. Save more time and money and regain control!

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What Clients Have Said

I am thoroughly enjoying life with my new colours. I know that what I do buy suits me and I haven't wasted money. (Susan) 
A total transformation. Shopping is so much easier and cheaper (Rhona)


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'Thanks for a lovely morning. Shopping is indeed different now. I have started with accessories, and will use my colours to shop from now on. Thanks again.'

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