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This service is available to women only. For men, see Man Made service.

Feeling great in your fabulous colours is wonderful. What about falling in love with your body and showing the world who you really are?

Express who you really are through how you dress and know what to wear with confidence whatever the occasion. Save money and time when buying clothes! Understand what suits you and what doesn’t, and why.

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What you get:

  • Precious 'me-time' with a personal style session - Only you, nobody else.
  • In-depth assessment of your style personality, to find out what makes you tick.
  • Essential advice to pull your look together and make heads turn your way for all the right reasons. 
  • Your style guides that handily fit in your colour wallet keeping everything in one place and helping you make savvy clothes choices.
  • A review after 3 months to make sure you have mastered your style and to answer your questions.

2.5 hrs session + 1 hr review: £200

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Payment by instalments available. Ask about it! 

Combine a style session with a Colour Clever session and save more money in the process!


clothes on rail  Do you know about Wardrobe Wellbeing and Le Shopping services?

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  Well worth a look if you want to save more time and money and regain control.



What Clients Have Said

I'm having a lot more fun with clothes these days, thanks to you. (Marianne)
It took me a while to find the perfect suit for work. Had to look at the detail to make sure it was right for me, both colour and style. But the day I wore it I got an outright compliment from my boss. So I was really pleased! (Angela)


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'Thanks for sending the links to Confidence, it's really useful. I just wanted to let you know that I made a decision this year to not spend any money on clothes, and this, together with your guidance has meant that I'm putting together outfits I wouldn't have previously worn, thinking very carefully about the colours and wearing clothes with much more confidence that I did before my consultation with you. So many, many thanks.'

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