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This package is available to women only. For men, see the Man Made service.

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Colour Clever & Style Sensation

5hrs Session   £300
Combine step 1 and step 2 of your transformation. Discover your 42 colours and understand what suits you, what doesn’t, and why. Learn about your style personality, what accessories you may go for, get tips on how to pull your look together, and more! You take home your personalised wallet of 42 colours and your style guidelines summarising all the style ideas and advice we have discussed. You come back 3 months later to ensure you are getting it right.


Do you know about the Wardrobe Wellbeing and Le Shopping services? Well worth a look if you want to save more time and money and regain control!


“In addition to helping me sort out my fashion fixes, you helped me to build on my confidence. I would never have spoken up in front of a room of people before...”

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